Little Bit of Heaven

We finally finished our patio. Now I move on to other parts of the yard and continue creating our haven. My next focus is the frog pond. I have not given up on the goth garden, I just simply have taken a pause.

Image by Robin Moreau

If I could get away with providing steroids to my conifers, to assist them is growth spurts, I would do it. I love the idea of having a lush backyard, a sanctuary. Another five years and it will be fairly close.

This is a work in progress and we are pleased with the results. I am glad we didn’t opt for just lawn as I would find it a typical, boring yard without depth or character. Plus it is high maintenance when considering having to mow weekly.

I don’t have much of a green thumb, but lately, I find myself meticulously tending to my plants, including the occasional compliment in telling them how beautiful they are. I find the heavier landscaping, moving rock, pruning and pulling weeds is a methodical way of relaxing and relieving stress.

Who would have thought?



We planted these Hens and Chicks along the bottom of our deck. They are great fillers and are hardy little plants.

Image by Robin Moreau

I love these little chicklets! I didn’t realize they bloom though and after a growth spurt on a couple of them “eh-hem, cough, cough” suddenly are filled with blooms.

Image by Robin Moreau

And so it goes, I have two random chicks doing their own thing.

It has been quite interesting to watch. I am not sure how long they will last, nor if others will follow pursuit. But now with their blooms, at least they have provided an extra bit of pop color!

Image by Robin Moreau

Risky PJ Business

I faced my fears this morning and crawled half way under our deck and collected rocks for my goth garden.

In my pajamas.

Before you start thinking, what the heck is this girl doing? Let me tell you how it started.

I was feeling pretty good this morning after taking a Benadryl. I wasn’t sneezing as bad as I had been, but I wanted to sit out back without my allergies kicking up. So I took a Benadryl and sat in our patio chairs with my husband and a hot cup of coffee. Peaceful.

All was well until I saw a weed in the flower bed in front of our deck. Not thinking much of it, I hopped up and pulled the weed.

Then I saw another. Then another. So I put on my gardening gloves sat down on the edge of the stones, in my robe and PJs and started pulling weeds.

Then I was too warm. I pulled my robe off and continued. I leaned over and looked under the deck.

“OOOOOO! Look at that rock! Look at ALL of these rocks! I need it.”

Image by Robin Moreau

Isn’t this an awesome rock? It’s like a pyramid!

My husband, not looking up from his iPad, said, “I wouldn’t be crawling under there.”

So I went back to weeding.

But I wanted that rock!

But how was I going to get it? No way am I crawling under there. There are weird things like spiders and bugs.

But I wanted that rock.

So I grabbed the rake, leaned over and pulled the rock closer to me within reach. Not bad! Then I saw another. As I continued to pull rocks over to me, my husband started trimming a few of our ornamental grasses.

By now I was on my knees, in this weird yoga-like position trying to reach a rock further under the deck. It was just out of reach. I leaned in further.

Then I saw it. I had seen it before, but forgot about it. It was the wannabe dead body. It scares me everytime and my husband is now laughing at me, “oh my gosh you’re crazy up underneath there!”

Image by Robin Moreau

Doesn’t it look like a dead body? It freaks me out! I think I have been watching too many “Bones” episodes. I crawled back out and stood up to take the rocks I collected over to the side yard.

“Ick, I feel like I have bugs crawling all over me”. As I was heading to the side yard, my husband snuck up behind me with some of the ornamental grass clippings and touched my shoulder. I pretty much came out of my skin!


That man laughed and laughed! Not funny. I’ll get him back…

Look at all of these rocks I got!

Image by Robin Moreau

I think I’m done for the day. Last day of my vacation and I’m sad. Usually I’m ready to go back to work, but this vacation was unbelievably relaxing and I would love to stay home a few more days.

Enjoy your Sunday and if you are looking for rocks, happy rock hunting!

I Smell Dead People

Today, the weather is beautiful. Perfect for starting my goth garden!

I spent a couple of hours pulling those dreaded weeds. They fought me to the bitter end. I honestly don’t think I even made a dent in the area, but I did. And it is enough of a start to keep me motivated.

Last night my husband says to me, “I can’t wait until Halloween..”


“Because we can add gargoyles and tombstones to your goth garden.”

I hadn’t thought of this, but it could work if I could find decor made to last and not that cheap plastic crap.

“We’ll see.”

That’s all I could say.

I recently purchased deep purple Calla Lillies. Today, I have been digging a path and flower bed to start my “gothness.”

Fast forward through pain stakenly digging, arms now full of hives, sunburnt, sneezing and out of breath, I start having a vision. What I didn’t realize, is how much Calla Lillies smell like corpses. And yes, I know what a corpse smells like… working in the medical field for 20 years, a person has smelled plently of living, rotten and the dead.

My first thought when I got a whiff of the lillies was, “gross” and my second thought was, “this is perfect for my goth garden! An ambience of corpse smell versus beauty!”

Image by Robin Moreau

I don’t like lillies, especially Easter lillies because I have associated the flowers with, yes, you got it, dead people. Everytime I had a patient die, friends would send lillies. I told my husband multiple times, “if I die before you and you bring lillies to my funeral, I swear to howdy I WILL HAUNT YOU.”

He thinks it’s funny, but I’m serious.

Anyway, I have a large old pot I tipped over and I want to have some sort of foliage spilling out of it, but I’m not sure what yet.

Image by Robin Moreau

I want to create a rock border with a center path. I started the border just to give me an idea of how it will look.

Image by Robin Moreau

I am really starting to get into the groove with this goth garden thing, but had to force myself to stop because I could feel the hives on my arms creeping upward. Bummer, but if I get worse the E.R. will be my evening and NO WAY will I allow that! It happened once before and I know my limit now.

Time to relax and I realized even our chairs look goth!

Image by Robin Moreau

I tell you, I am so excited about this garden I can hardly contain myself! So now I am writing this, relaxing with my sun hat on (usually I don’t wear one, but my head had a little too much sun) and I’m sitting outside with a glass of wine.

Even my clover has a bit of a goth look to it.

I look like such a nerd in my sun hat but who cares! I have wine!

With Age, New Blooms

It’s quiet this morning. The rains yesterday washed the noise away. Our backyard has been cleansed of dust and pollen. The leaves and flowers look as though they have had an extra layer of fresh color added. I was disappointed yesterday with the heavy rains and being cooped inside, but today, after looking at my plants, I understand.

I have new blooms. Plural. I have waited patiently for these blooms. One full year from one bloom to finally multiple.

Image by Robin Moreau

The rain has cleansed the souls of my plants so they can bask in the warmth of the sun today and I, their beauty.

Image by Robin Moreau

I have realized with age, what once was important has faded away. I am in my forties and viewing with a different lense.

Still struggling to find “myself” but during this time my focus has shifted to what I love and appreciate. I assume “myself” will naturally appear, but in the meantime, I have quit looking.


Ok, I had an epiphany. My hubby and I are sitting in our backyard, he is having a beer, I, a martini. We had layed a couple more slate earlier and he had watered the plants.

There is a section of our yard that is 10 feet by maybe 30 feet. I haven’t been able to figure what I want to do with it. It gets the morning sun, afternoon shade. After two martinis it finally dawns on me.

“Oh my gosh! That’s it!!!” I said.


“The side yard!”

“What?!?” Poor thing, he was confused. He takes a couple puffs of his cigar.

“What I’m going to do with the side yard!”

“What’s that?”

“A goth garden! With the Mondo Grass, Black Widow rhodies I showed you and black irises and all those other black plants I showed you!! I can have my gargoyle sculptures and when the dogs die it can be their cemetary!…..Wait is that legal?”

“I believe so, in your own yard. I love the Mondo grass.”

He liked the idea. Oh my gosh, another project! I cannot wait! Below is the before, and once I’m done, it will look awesome!

Image by Robin Moreau

My gargoyle bench will finally have a home!

Image by Robin Moreau

Oh the simple things make me so happy! I cannot wait to get started and we have all summer! The yard is slowly coming together.

Image by Robin Moreau

The patio is starting to take shape and my weeping curling tree is happier since we have transplanted it.

Image by Robin Moreau

I might actually be at peace by the end of summer!

Bragging Rights

I am quite the humble person. I don’t boast, brag or compete. But if I am truly excited about something I have acquired in my life and I share it with others, it is not with the intent to show off. It is simply sharing an excitement if what makes me happy. Some may call it bragging, but I do not.

Image by Robin Moreau

My babies are in full bloom. Yes, I am bragging today. It’s not just my Rhodies. My other babies are blooming too!

Image by Robin Moreau

I simply cannot get enough of them. Even my clover I am fascinated by how quickly it has taken root.

Image by Robin Moreau

We bought a plant that what we thought, was suppose to be just a bush. It has decided to start creeping everywhere. It has decided to wrap itself around our sun.

Image by Robin Moreau

My Friday morning bragging rights. Have a wonderful day! And surround yourself in beauty to start your weekend right! ❤