Little Bit of Heaven

We finally finished our patio. Now I move on to other parts of the yard and continue creating our haven. My next focus is the frog pond. I have not given up on the goth garden, I just simply have taken a pause.

Image by Robin Moreau

If I could get away with providing steroids to my conifers, to assist them is growth spurts, I would do it. I love the idea of having a lush backyard, a sanctuary. Another five years and it will be fairly close.

This is a work in progress and we are pleased with the results. I am glad we didn’t opt for just lawn as I would find it a typical, boring yard without depth or character. Plus it is high maintenance when considering having to mow weekly.

I don’t have much of a green thumb, but lately, I find myself meticulously tending to my plants, including the occasional compliment in telling them how beautiful they are. I find the heavier landscaping, moving rock, pruning and pulling weeds is a methodical way of relaxing and relieving stress.

Who would have thought?


Sippy Cup

It is so lovely to sit here on my couch, drink coffee and rest my brain. I actually slept in for once until 5:30am. It has been a long week, especially yesterday a long day. I was the only one in the office and I had deadlines to get the newsletter published. I have my own deadlines of evaluations and a couple of policies I’m writing.

Usually the office manager does the publications as well as being an assistant for me, keeping interruptions to a minimum. I didn’t have anyone to edit and the person I sent it to, was having trouble with email as I was too and she didn’t get it until later. After I published, I found 2 mistakes and I was HOT. I don’t like making mistakes, and they were simple enough I don’t know how I could have missed them.

I was trying to get the newsletter published before the tour bus came for rehearsal at 2pm. The platform was running slow. Heck my whole computer was acting like it was on vacation. I literally chewed through a whole pack of gum yesterday, to alleviate stress.

The concert was scheduled for 7:30pm and I close the office at 4pm. However, dummy me, I had scheduled a heating system maintanence for the new year contract we renewed and the guy was taking forever. 4pm came and gone. I think he finally finished around 4:45pm. He was talking maintenance “stuff” to me and I could feel myself zoning out. He was a small, young man…no, I had forgotten I was wearing heels, putting me well over 6 feet tall, so he just appeared small. He had to have been in his late twenties, with piercing blue eyes and I think I made him nervous. At one point I recall wondering what his reaction would be if I told him to “shut up.” I never would do such a thing, but a quirky smile came across my face and I think he noticed because he squirmed a little. That snapped me back into reality and back to my business face.

I could not wait to get home. The drive felt unusually long. My husband took me for a burger and after two bites something was “off.” I couldn’t quite pin point it, it smelled funny too. I didn’t eat it. They gave me money back. They also offered to make a new one but nope, lost my appetite.

So as I write this, this morning’s coffee tastes heavenly, sipping it like a toddler with a sippy cup. The house is quiet with everyone still sleeping. My brain is resting. I need to be productive today, or at least creative. I hope the sun warms my soul and it doesn’t rain.

Below is a picture of me taken a month or so ago, marking the area where my frog pond is going to go. My weeping pine baby is to the right of me. Isn’t he beautiful?

Image by Robin Moreau

White Caps and Cemetaries

I hope you can see the images I loaded because I kept getting error messages.

Yesterday, the last thing I wanted to do was be stuck in the house. It was gorgeous but my gosh the wind was so bad it made being outside too much to stand.

So I organized a bit some of the things I have been putting off and then decided to take a drive along the water to the animal shelter to donate a bag of new dog food I ended not giving my dog.

What a beautiful day! First I stopped off at the local cemetary. I am fascinated with cemetaries. It may sound weird, but I always wonder who they were and what their lives were like.

Image by Robin Moreau

Then I stopped off at the “Spit” and my gosh the crazy wind I could barely snap a picture. But on the way there, the wildflowers (a.k.a. weeds) were in bloom with the mountains in the back drop, it was breathtaking and I had to pull over to snap a photo.

Image by Robin Moreau
Image by Robin Moreau

When I finally pulled into the shelter, they were closed! The NERVE! I guess they were having a meeting or something but darn.

It wasn’t a waisted trip though because I was able to get out of the house. Today it is another beautiful day and so far, no wind. I am hoping to dig around in the back yard.

Enjoy your day! ❤

Waves of Peace

Lately I cannot get enough beach. And waves. I know its because I am in need off peace because I feel or am for that matter, off-kilter.

Image by Robin Moreau

I’ve been posting my beach photos and past beach travels on my Instagram feed too @northernhollywood43. It’s like having a miniscule vacation at my finger tips. Crazy, right? Not really.

Image by Robin Moreau

You all know how desperate I am for summer. Im craving the warmth of the sun, something fierce. Usually it’s not this bad, but this year I’m positive it’s from the long cold winter and the 3 feet of snow we had for a couple weeks. Ick.

The sound of the waves, the smell of the air, the feel of the sand. Pure meditative state. I love this part of the earth.

I’m definitely ready to be outdoors, at the beach and soaking up the sun. Absorbing positivity, peace and warmth.

Have a wonderful Sunday! And remember to pray, love, live.

Image by Robin Moreau

Sands of Peace

What brings you peace? The ocean brings me peace. The sands of the beaches between my toes, I can feel every grain. My senses open to the sound of waves crashing against shore. I will forget everything and clear my mind into a meditative state when I’m at the beach. And I said I couldn’t meditate, not true, the ocean is my meditation.

Image by Robin Moreau

Each beach has a distinctive aroma. This is true! I am so keen to the aroma of the beaches and ocean, each one is different. The beach at our home has a more salty, dense smell. The Manresa beach in California has an aged smell with a light aroma of eucalyptus…somewhat similar to that of a museum. The beach near my work has a faint, but pungent smell of sulfur with an undertone of dusty sandalwood. Ruby beach has a clean, fresh but faint, salty aroma.

The beach at the Marina is fishy pungent most days. Then there is Fox Island, where keeping the windows open is essential because the smell is so fresh you’d think it came out of a bottle.

Ruby Beach – Image by Robin Moreau

I could go on and on.

….But my favorite of all is the beach of Manresa. The undertone of eucalyptus and what I call aged sand puts me instantly into a state of such overwhelming peace, one might think I’d died. Maybe it’s because of all our memories created there, or maybe it is because we spent many years there.

Manresa Beach – Image by Robin Moreau
The Marina – Image by Robin Moreau
Fox Island – Image by Robin Moreau

Call me strange, call me crazy. It doesn’t matter. We all find and have our peaceful, meditative moments and of those who do, no matter what those moments are, I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I hope you all find peace today. Enjoy your Sunday, love your families, say your prayers and remember to smile. ❤

Root Popper

Welcome Sunday! It is the time of year when I start craving to be ooutside and work in my yard. Oh yes, I don’t mind pulling weeds. There is a weird satisfaction of hearing their little roots “pop” when I pull them out.

Despite that it is suppose to rain this week, the sun has been out for a few days and I have been a happy woman!

Image by Robin Moreau

My focus this year is yet once again for, I think the third or fourth time, I am pulling up our slate patio and re-working it. My husband calls me crazy because the slate, well….they are at least 60 pounds a piece but I can’t help it. I have yet to reach the look I am after and since I have not cemented them into place, I can continue to get an upper body work out until I am satisfied.

Yesterday I told my husband I wanted to pull the gravel out from the fence and put in a border. This way the slate will stay more compact with the rain. And the gravel was way too warm for my plants causing their poor little leaves to burn. I cannot have that, those plants are my babies.

I love landscaping, especially the big stuff. I guess I should have become an excavator landscape person. I love pouring concrete, digging, laying slate….oh I know I’m crazy. At least that is what my husband says. Not only there is this great satisfaction of seeing the end results, but for me despite the body aches and pains, it is my way of meditating. It calms my mind and settles my soul.

So this year, I am re-working the patio and building a frog pond. And I cannot wait to accomplish this! Until then, I am battling the roots of weeds, one by one, popping to my hearts content until our gravel pathways are clear again.