Chicken Bleus

It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten Chicken Cordon Bleu….over 20 years. The last time I ate it, was at a restaurant in California and I woke in the middle of the night sicker than anything. I haven’t touched it since.

Until this morning. Yes for breakfast.

Last night I prepared it for my husband and I and we were unable to sit down together to eat because of circumstances beyond our control. So he grabbed fast food, I ate one of my chocolate chip cookies I had made and some hot tea.

But this morning I am hungry and I am too lazy to roast my normal morning veggies. I cut off about a quarter of the chicken breast and heated it.

It tastes much better homemade, with fresh ingredients. A fine way to start my morning and think about what I will do, on this overcast day of mine.

Wanting to paint again, I may line up ideas for Christmas cards. I know it’s early, but if I don’t start now, they won’t get done by Christmas.

And if doesn’t rain, which the chances are unlikely, but if it doesn’t, I will continue to work in my Goth garden.

Have a wonderful day!

Image by Robin Moreau

Death by Chocolate

I made gluten-free, no-egg choclate chip cookies today and I put WAY too many chocolate chips and chunks in them.

Image by Robin Moreau

I know, I know, there is no such thing as too much chocolate, right? Well I didn’t realize it until I scooped them onto the cookie sheet. I never measure my ingedients and it drives my husband crazy. I think I was suppose to only put 1/4 cup of chocolate chips in the batch but I ended up putting a half cup of chips and a half cup of chunks.


I must say, these cookies are by far the best I’ve made. I truly believe it is due to the length of time I whipped the butter and coconut crystals together. I’ve already eaten two, and with a cup of hot tea, london fog-style.

I rarely eat sweets because of all my allergies, but if I am going to indulge, it will be on a warm chocolate chip cookie!

Image by Robin Moreau

Have a safe, 4th of July evening!

Salted Xanax

My body is hurting today and I’m frustrated. I’ve been aimlessly wandering around the house, knowingly that if I start the project I intended to do today, I will likely and regretfully pay for it Monday morning and that isn’t acceptable.

So I’m relaxing.

I have the munchies and grabbed a handful of salted peanuts, raisins and two pieces of swiss cheese. Despite the cheese, I’m suddenly in a rewind of life, back to the days when the elementary school required state testing.

I remember on those hot days, the teacher would pull back my pigtails, clip them together and I would anxiously wait for the long strip of paper and instructions on how to correctly fill in the tiny bubbles with my sharpened, number two pencil.

Each student would be given a small handful of salted peanuts and raisins in a tiny, paper medicine cup. Do that now and the school is likely to get sued.

Supposedly the mixture would assist the brain in maintaining some form of leveled “smart” balance to get us through the test. Not me, those tiny nuts and shriveled raisins were nothing more than an afternoon snack I looked forward to.

I never did well on those tests, I had horrible test anxiety. If the teacher would have provided a cocktail of nuts, raisins and maybe a salted Xanax or two, I might have passed.

I would meticulously linger in popping the little snack in my mouth, chewing slowly to ensure I would not run out of those tasty treats before I finished that gnarly, useless government provided exam questions.

But now? I sit here popping organic raisins, salted peanuts and swiss cheese, savoring each as to not over indulge in fear of gaining weight.

What a pay off into adulthood.

Image by Robin Moreau

Think, Be, Provide

You all know I have food allergies. Because of this, about 5 years ago, my life changed dramatically. I couldn’t eat what I wanted to eat. I had to stay clear of many wonderful things, eggs, grains, dairy and preservatives, etc. My allergies mimicked that of someone with Celiac Disease, yet that is not what I have.

I had a tantrum in the parking lot the day I received my test results from my Allergist. My gosh I cried the whole way home and when making the switch, I lost 30 pounds.

Now I’m over my tantrum and have realized how healthier I feel. But breakfast is very hard for me. I am a BIG breakfast eater and when eggs, whole grains, and dairy is omitted, it leaves me with protein, fruits and vegetables.

However, out of all the grains, I can have rice, corn and quinoa. Yawn. Try finding those breads without egg or egg product in them. Nearly impossible.

I did find rice waffles, no eggs. So this morning I have a rice waffle, with fresh ground peanut butter, sliced banana and drizzled with honey….with a side of roasted broccoli. I can see your faces cringe. But for me, it’s essential.

Image by Robin Moreau

For my husband, not so much. He’s like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Put a vegetable in front of him and he pushes it away with the sound “mmuuaaahh”. Just like a kid.

But I still feed him healthy. I want him to be healthy but I do buy him the occasional unhealthy snack. And of course he will go buy things himself. But I do love that man and want him to be around for awhile.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast. It makes all the difference it how your body will feel the rest of the day. Provide the option of healthy foods for your family. Whether they want it or not.

Have a wonderful day!❤

What’s in a Birthday

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday. She 23. She is my baby, she is highly talented, snarky, intelligent, and strong-willed and I must say, I wouldn’t have her any other way. We have raised her to be an independent, strong woman. And she loves chocolate.

Her Cake – Image by Robin Moreau

Today is my son’s birthday. He is 25. And he reminds me, it’s a huge celebration because it’s 420….the celebration of smoking marijuana. I just roll my eyes. He is funny, a master-minded overthinker, and walks that 6 foot 4 inch bean pole frame of his like he has only seconds to get where he needs to be and I wouldn’t change a thing. He loves anything that contains sugar. Red Velvet, his favorite.

His Cake – Image by Robin Moreau

420. Right. I’d rather have a martini.

Why do we celebrate, what we call, “birthdays”? Shouldn’t it be, rather an anniversary of one’s birth?

I am reminded every birthday how I am not getting any younger. And I am reminded every birthday that I cannot eat cake.

But birthdays are a celebration of life. One more year on this earth.

One more year.

So in celebration of all the “4 -20” birthdays out there, happy anniversary of your birth.

So inhale your 420 smoke and eat your cake too.

❤ You deserve it. ❤


It’s Monday again and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I pampered myself over the weekend and hand a manicure.

Not only did I pamper myself but made the decision to be a little wise to what I consume for food. I’ve been drinking alot of wine lately and have developed some “pudginess”. So I made up some recipes for the week to get back on track! Avocado salad, beets drizzled with balsamic, and kale salad with walnuts and a lemon dressing.

Image by Robin Moreau
Image by Robin Moreau
Image by Robin Moreau

By the way, if you have never smelled an organic lemon, I suggest you do. It awakens the senses and smells divine!

Image by Robin Moreau

Have a wonderful week!

Burgers and Stolen Cosmos

Road trip! Not really. With all of the snow we can finally get out of our drive and get the heck out of dodge. Well, we got in the Dodge…actually Chrysler, and headed to the city.

It rained all the way there and snow is still piled up. On the sides of the highway, the snow is less than white and looks more like crumbled cookies and cream, as my daughter’s friend would say. But it kind of does look like cookies and cream.

As we drove, the weather was dreary and the gray skies over salty waters were a pleasant change to being snow bound.

Image by Robin Moreau

No rain could possibly ruin my parade because I was getting a burger!!!

Image by Robin Moreau

My husband was craving a burger and we had to drive over an hour to get it because it is the only burger and fries joint I can eat. And let me tell you, that lettuce wrapped burger and hot salty fries was so good.

On the way home we stopped at the mall. Who doesn’t shop after a burger? Gotta work that burger off!

All I know it was so freaking cold! I was ready to be home in my jammies and slippers. We stopped to get coffee and we were homebound.

The dogs were beyond happy to see us. Then I found it. An empty bag of Coconut Cosmos. The evidence was in our bedroom.

Image by Robin Moreau

It was my husband’s favorite snack. I’m pretty sure it was Pepper who did it. She has a bad habit of jumping on the furniture, then over to the end table to steal things. Last time we caught her stealing a Nutter Butter. I told her to drop it, but she held onto it tightly and raced through the house, ravishing it as she ran.

Image by Robin Moreau

When asked, she blankly stared me. My husband had said it was a full bag. Oy! I guess we’ll find out later if she was truly the culprit and it’s not going to be pretty.