Burgers and Stolen Cosmos

Road trip! Not really. With all of the snow we can finally get out of our drive and get the heck out of dodge. Well, we got in the Dodge…actually Chrysler, and headed to the city.

It rained all the way there and snow is still piled up. On the sides of the highway, the snow is less than white and looks more like crumbled cookies and cream, as my daughter’s friend would say. But it kind of does look like cookies and cream.

As we drove, the weather was dreary and the gray skies over salty waters were a pleasant change to being snow bound.

Image by Robin Moreau

No rain could possibly ruin my parade because I was getting a burger!!!

Image by Robin Moreau

My husband was craving a burger and we had to drive over an hour to get it because it is the only burger and fries joint I can eat. And let me tell you, that lettuce wrapped burger and hot salty fries was so good.

On the way home we stopped at the mall. Who doesn’t shop after a burger? Gotta work that burger off!

All I know it was so freaking cold! I was ready to be home in my jammies and slippers. We stopped to get coffee and we were homebound.

The dogs were beyond happy to see us. Then I found it. An empty bag of Coconut Cosmos. The evidence was in our bedroom.

Image by Robin Moreau

It was my husband’s favorite snack. I’m pretty sure it was Pepper who did it. She has a bad habit of jumping on the furniture, then over to the end table to steal things. Last time we caught her stealing a Nutter Butter. I told her to drop it, but she held onto it tightly and raced through the house, ravishing it as she ran.

Image by Robin Moreau

When asked, she blankly stared me. My husband had said it was a full bag. Oy! I guess we’ll find out later if she was truly the culprit and it’s not going to be pretty.


Live, Love, Learn

My baby – Image by Robin Moreau

My dog was so happy to see me this morning. She always wakes up in a good mood and no matter what room I walk into, if she’s there, she wags her tail in pure joy to see me.

There is alot we can learn from our pets. This is what I’ve learned from mine:

1. Wake up in a good mood. We should be thankful we wake up and we should be happy about it!

2. Just because it is hard to get out of bed in the mornings because our bones creak and we hurt, doesn’t mean it should set bad vibes for the day.

3. It’s okay to do nothing. And even nap! I always feel guilty for not staying productive and resting. But why? That’s my body telling me I need it. I should listen to it more.

4. Be happy to greet your loved ones and friends with a smile. No matter how bad your day is. Let’s face it, they are with us every day and we should be thankful to have them in our lives.

5. Don’t like something? Let it be known! Our guts tell us when something isn’t right and we should always listen to it.

6. Enjoy the fresh air. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, my dog wants out. I should really try to be more like her and be outside. Even if it is cold or raining. Sigh. This one is hard for me.

7. Don’t stay mad. Staying mad at someone is hard on our minds and bodies. When we forgive, we don’t hang onto unnecessary tension or stressors.

8. Be on guard. Be aware of your surroundings and be ready to protect yourself and those you love.

9. Don’t bite. Biting causes conflict and sometimes it’s difficult to forgive. Sometimes a nip here and there is okay, it just tells others we were hurt, offended or caught off guard. If you nip, let others know why so it doesn’t happen again. Just don’t nip too hard.

10. Play! Who doesn’t like to play? Talk about a stress reliever! I sometimes forget to play and shame on me. We can work hard, but play often!

Happy Fri-YAY

Happy Fri-YAY as my sister would say. I really could use Friday today. My mind is overloaded and my neck aches. 1:30 am I could not shut my mind off. Ridiculous. RIDICULOUS I SAY! What is up with that? I tense-napped all night. Tossed and turned….all…night…long. Sigh. And here I am. I think I need a new pillow.

Enough of complaining!!! Because I am grateful, for many, many things! 10 things I grateful for today… not in any particular order:

1. This wonderful cup of hot coffee which I am drinking out of my favorite skull mug.

2. My family.

3. Work. And the wonderful people in it.

4. Jesus. He loves me. This I know.

5. My non-judgemental dogs who love me unconditionally.

6. Warm fuzzy slippers.

7. This blog. All of the people who write blogs. It has been a blessing to write, read and share. It keeps me grounded.

8. Our fireplace. Warmth and light, so very inviting.

9. A hot shower to invigorate my day.

10. Patience. Because sometimes things can be too much and deep breaths are needed.

One thing I am NOT thankful for is this neckache! 😊

Have a wonderful day, a wonderful Fri-YAY! I love my sister.

Image by Robin Moreau

Pug Life

Growing up I’ve always had a pet around. My father was notorious for bring a stray dog or cat home. My mom never allowed them in the house, but I would occasionally sneak them in for a snuggle. I never knew how much they meant to me until they were gone and when I didn’t have them, I felt pretty lonely.

My husband and I have experienced and shared many dogs throughout our lives; from Labs, Elkhounds, Shar-Pei’s to mutts. But nothing, I tell you, will ever compare to than a Pug.

Image by Robin Moreau

Our first pug was Daisy. Daisy lived to be about 10 years old. She taught us everything we needed to know about the pug world. With the first lessen being if you want your own personal stalker, a pug is right for you. See, a pug will follow you everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Including the bathroom to watch you shower or just to keep you company while your doing your business.

Another lesson is pugs shed. And shed. And shed. A lot. They shed so much I could knit a sweater for someone…if I knew how to knit, but I don’t. Come to my house and you will be picking fur off your clothes for days, there will be at least one strand of fur on the table, your plate or in your glass. It’s inevitable and it drives me crazy! It does not matter how often I vacuum. If you don’t want a dog that sheds, I do not recommend a pug.

Each pug has their own characteristic. Daisy spent her days with her tongue sticking out.

Image by Robin Moreau

Boomer spent his days running around getting into things, stealing things and chasing birds. From the picture i took through the screen door, he looks like he spent his days drinking. He was the devil of pugs, he lived to be 12.

Boomer Drinking
Image by Robin Moreau

Pepper is our most current pug.

Image by Robin Moreau

We adopted her and when we got her she had not been taken care of. Pugs require attention and I don’t mean just love. Their ears need constant cleaning as well as the folds of their noses and their skin is sensitive. When we first brought Pepper home she was wound up like Boomer and I thought OH my gosh, no. She was covered in fleas, very thin and barked at everything. After some much needed care, she was cleaned, flea free, updated on her shots, and was instantly put into a routine. We assumed she was abused because if we were too loud she would cower and hide. Poor baby. We gave her so much love and it paid off. She is basically attached to my hip. Remember what I said about the personal stalker?

When I come home from work, Pepper greets me at the door and will not quit barking until I give her some loving. Of course it makes our big, 70 pound dog jealous and she has to bulldoze Pepper out of the way making sharing the love difficult at times. But this little dog makes all the daily stressors go away; I swear I can feel my blood pressure drop. I love this little dog so much. She has the sweetest disposition, I just can’t get enough of her!

This is what life should be like. Dogs do not judge and they love unconditionally. It does not matter how bad my day was, or if I didn’t look my best. Pepper is there to show me she loves me, despite my flaws and sometimes poor attitude.

Pepper is also there to vacuum the kitchen floor of any crumbs. Now that my friends is pug life.

Let's Go!
Image by Robin Moreau

Let’s go!