Bound by Beauty

I came across a picture this morning I had taken years ago at the library while I was waiting for a client. Brilliant red red tulips. I remember at the time how I had to stop everything to capture the beauty of these flowers.

Image by Robin Moreau

As I looked at this image, I had asked myself, my gosh, I love flowers and I love my home to be filled with fresh flowers. So why did I stop?

Good question, but I don’t know. I don’t know why I stopped. Flowers make me happy. The beach makes me happy. Drawing in charcoal makes me happy. I am bound by excuses without reasoning.

Not acceptable.

Live your moments through what brings you joy. If buying fresh flowers highlights my day, then dang it, I should buy fresh flowers! If the beach makes me happy then I should walk it more often. If I am mesmerized by the charcoal I smear across paper, then I need to find a place where I can get back into my artwork and not make a dusty mess all over the house and hear about it later. I should!

Not I should…I will.

I will.

Bring yourself joy and live in it.

Live in your joy!

Have a fantabulous Friday! 💋


Live, Love, Learn

My baby – Image by Robin Moreau

My dog was so happy to see me this morning. She always wakes up in a good mood and no matter what room I walk into, if she’s there, she wags her tail in pure joy to see me.

There is alot we can learn from our pets. This is what I’ve learned from mine:

1. Wake up in a good mood. We should be thankful we wake up and we should be happy about it!

2. Just because it is hard to get out of bed in the mornings because our bones creak and we hurt, doesn’t mean it should set bad vibes for the day.

3. It’s okay to do nothing. And even nap! I always feel guilty for not staying productive and resting. But why? That’s my body telling me I need it. I should listen to it more.

4. Be happy to greet your loved ones and friends with a smile. No matter how bad your day is. Let’s face it, they are with us every day and we should be thankful to have them in our lives.

5. Don’t like something? Let it be known! Our guts tell us when something isn’t right and we should always listen to it.

6. Enjoy the fresh air. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, my dog wants out. I should really try to be more like her and be outside. Even if it is cold or raining. Sigh. This one is hard for me.

7. Don’t stay mad. Staying mad at someone is hard on our minds and bodies. When we forgive, we don’t hang onto unnecessary tension or stressors.

8. Be on guard. Be aware of your surroundings and be ready to protect yourself and those you love.

9. Don’t bite. Biting causes conflict and sometimes it’s difficult to forgive. Sometimes a nip here and there is okay, it just tells others we were hurt, offended or caught off guard. If you nip, let others know why so it doesn’t happen again. Just don’t nip too hard.

10. Play! Who doesn’t like to play? Talk about a stress reliever! I sometimes forget to play and shame on me. We can work hard, but play often!

Good Morning

Image by Robin Moreau

What is in a sunrise? A new day, a fresh start and a beautiful array of colors. The image above is one of my favorite sunrises. Particularly because of the way it hits the trees and grasses on the side of the road; appearing to be on fire.

Every morning during my eastbound commute I experience a different palette of colors. The sunrises are different everyday, and how lifeless my commute would be without them. I couldn’t imagine not having a colorful canvas. It’s my favorite time of day.

By all means, I am no photographer and these images were captured by my cell phone. These pictures do not do the sunrises justice, as the reality of what I experience is far too beautiful. Pictures are the only way to stop moments in time, reflecting back on our experiences.

Good morning and happy Saturday! Thank you all for reading, following, and positive feedback to my blog. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you have the opportunity, take a moment to enjoy the sunrise.

Image by Robin Moreau
Image By Robin Moreau
Image by Robin Moreau
Image by Robin Moreau

12 Habits of a Happy Woman

We all know to each is own for happiness. But I believe for most women, true happiness comes from within, not from looks or materialistic things. I would like to think happiness comes from stuff I purchase….but reality is the temporary high always wears off.

Let me share 12 habits of mine that make me happy as a woman.

1. Routine. This is a big one for me. Having a routine keeps me focused and prepared for pretty much anything. I even keep the same routine on the weekend as far as getting up at the same time, and keeping my morning routine. I even call my mother everyday around the same time. Sometimes we talk for 5 minutes, some days 35 minutes. And sometimes we don’t even have anything to talk about. Which brings me to my next one.

2. Quiet time. Having quiet, alone time is crucial for my happiness. My gosh if I don’t have my personal hour every morning with my two cups of coffee, on the couch with my dog, I turn into a very, very grumpy woman.

3. Passion. Everyone has a passion, even those who say they don’t. Passion is important for happiness. My passion is art. It has been a little over a year since I’ve graduated with a Master’s and I’m starting to get back into my art, finding myself again without 10 page papers loomimg over my head. I am falling in love with my passion all over again.

4. Love and love hard. Truly showing you love someone or have compassion makes a person feel good inside. Once a person feels good inside it is like a revolving door, glowing both on the outside and within. Love huge, to everyone. Even to those you don’t like and even if it makes you vomit a little in your mouth.

5. Love Jesus. You can love Jesus by living and loving through Him. I don’t think it is always about going to church routinely. Love one another, love your neighbors, say your prayers, have your sins forgiven, and be thankful.

6. Love yourself. This is a big one for me. Practicing loving yourself provides an inner glow like you wouldn’t believe. I will not leave the house unless I look good. I don’t always have to be wearing make-up, but I’m certainly not dressed in my pajamas. I even treat myself occasionally to a facial, manicure or quiet time. Sometimes it’s hard but it is possible.

7. Smile. Oh yes, smile. Smile alot…even if you don’t mean it. Smiles are contagious, just like yawns. Besides, smiling makes others think you’re up to something.

8. Positivity. This can sometimes be a challenge, especially when if feels as though you’re walking uphill in a rain and wind storm. But persevering gives the “I can accomplish anything” attitude and this my friends, is an ego boost.

9. Accept fault. I admit my faults and mistakes. I just rip that bandaid right off and it hurts, BAD. But I get over it. I am also the first to tattle on myself. If I make a mistake and I realize it, I am so tattling. If I make a mistake and I dont realize it, please tell me. It hurts and I know it does, but I learn from it. It may sometimes take me longer to learn it, but I eventually do.

10. Exercise. Depending on the weather, my husband and I walk every night after dinner. We sleep better and we walk our dinner off. But in the winter time, I don’t want to walk. I hate the cold. I hate the wind. I hate the rain. I always put on a few extra pounds that always come off in the summer. But my husband insists on walking and drags me out of the house. I always get back home feeling refreshed. And numb.

11. Stay organized. Seriously, life is better. I have a catch all desk where loose papers magically land and it annoys the heck out of me. Who’s fault is it? Not my husband or kids. It’s MY fault. It’s laziness. The paper shredder is literally 2 feet away. My life is better when I shred things and there is tidiness.

12. Eat chocolate. Eat good, dark, expensive chocolate. Organic if you can. Not all organic chocolate is good. Find your favorite and indulge. It releases endorphins. It is happiness.

Rules of Happiness

What is happiness? To each is own. Happiness has a definition of its own to different people. Here are my rules of happiness per say…not including time spent with family:

1. Oversized sweaters

2. Having a personal stalker

Image by Robin Moreau

3. Having a guard dog

Image by Robin Moreau

4. Finding humor in odd things

Angry Cone! – Image by Robin Moreau

5. Making humor for my family to find

Troubled Eggs – Image by Robin Moreau

6. Gift giving

7. Good chocolate

Image by Robin Moreau

8. Painting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wall or canvas. It doesn’t matter the media either

9. Christmas lights

10. Driving a sports car on a winding highway

These are my top ten. There are many, many more. I may even post my top annoyances. But some other time….

Little Bit of Wonder

What is it about Christmas that feels so magical? Is it the idea of gift giving? The lights? The baby Jesus? Throughout the year I drive through town going about my daily business, passing along stores and people without an expression on my face. It’s like the conveyor belt of life, same stops, same action, just waiting for the next delivery to take place.

Then December comes and the whole town and neighborhoods are lit with color. I find it fascinating. The lights twinkling create a sense of wonder. This is my favorite part, the lights. Well, it is my second favorite part. The first is I like to smell the trees. Oh there is something about the smell of fresh pine. It makes my eyes roll into the back of my head.

Last year we had gone to Home Depot and we walked in through the garden center. We weren’t there for a tree. The smell hit me. I walked right up to a group of trees, fell forward with arms embracing one and face planted myself into the middle of the sappy branches and just stood there. Needless to say, my kids were embarrassed and my husband rolled his eyes, “Come on! Get out of the trees” he snaps. People looked at me strangely. I didn’t care, I was having a moment. I back out, looking like a porcupine with pine needles sticking out of my sweatshirt. I felt invigorated, customers looked bewildered.

Beyond the smell of pine are lights and they are magical. So magical that when it is dark, if I stand in the midst of them twinkling around me, the tears will roll down my cheeks. I can’t help it. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “oh, puhleeeaaase”. But its true, I am not kidding. I am like a kid that is overwhelmed with joy. You should see me when the Santa comes around. My family purposely avoids the Santa. Remember the movie Elf, with Will Ferrell and his reaction when he sees Santa? That’s me. I make a scene, ensuring Santa sees me and waves. But only the real Santa. Not the fake Santa with the stupid, fake, white silk beard. Pffft.

Image by Robin Moreau

There is something about all of it. The sparkling, glittery ornaments that I am careful to touch because I just know I will get glitter in my eye and I would be cursing all the way to the sink to wash my eye out. The tiny porcelain villages with tiny people, snow and of course, the smell of trees and all of the lights. Something magical happens. No longer am I on the conveyor belt of life. I find myself absorbing every moment. It makes makes me feels young again…

Happy Fri-YAY

Happy Fri-YAY as my sister would say. I really could use Friday today. My mind is overloaded and my neck aches. 1:30 am I could not shut my mind off. Ridiculous. RIDICULOUS I SAY! What is up with that? I tense-napped all night. Tossed and turned….all…night…long. Sigh. And here I am. I think I need a new pillow.

Enough of complaining!!! Because I am grateful, for many, many things! 10 things I grateful for today… not in any particular order:

1. This wonderful cup of hot coffee which I am drinking out of my favorite skull mug.

2. My family.

3. Work. And the wonderful people in it.

4. Jesus. He loves me. This I know.

5. My non-judgemental dogs who love me unconditionally.

6. Warm fuzzy slippers.

7. This blog. All of the people who write blogs. It has been a blessing to write, read and share. It keeps me grounded.

8. Our fireplace. Warmth and light, so very inviting.

9. A hot shower to invigorate my day.

10. Patience. Because sometimes things can be too much and deep breaths are needed.

One thing I am NOT thankful for is this neckache! 😊

Have a wonderful day, a wonderful Fri-YAY! I love my sister.

Image by Robin Moreau