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Chicken Bleus

It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten Chicken Cordon Bleu….over 20 years. The last time I ate it, was at a restaurant in California and I woke in the middle of the night sicker than anything. I haven’t touched it since.

Until this morning. Yes for breakfast.

Last night I prepared it for my husband and I and we were unable to sit down together to eat because of circumstances beyond our control. So he grabbed fast food, I ate one of my chocolate chip cookies I had made and some hot tea.

But this morning I am hungry and I am too lazy to roast my normal morning veggies. I cut off about a quarter of the chicken breast and heated it.

It tastes much better homemade, with fresh ingredients. A fine way to start my morning and think about what I will do, on this overcast day of mine.

Wanting to paint again, I may line up ideas for Christmas cards. I know it’s early, but if I don’t start now, they won’t get done by Christmas.

And if doesn’t rain, which the chances are unlikely, but if it doesn’t, I will continue to work in my Goth garden.

Have a wonderful day!

Image by Robin Moreau

4 Replies to “Chicken Bleus”

  1. We are halfway to Christmas!!!! Yayyy!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

    OMG that chicken cordon bleu looks sooooooo good!!!!! Is it just layered chicken, ham & swiss with a panko topping? Yum, yum, yum! And yes, for breakfast. I am not a breakfasty type breakfast person and would much rather have something like that to eat first thing in the morning when I’m starving to death. LOL


    1. Yes, I cut the chicken in half and stuffed with black forest ham and swiss then I smeared it in vegan mayo and dijon then rolled in gluten free breadcrumbs. It was really yummy! Oy and Christmas!!! I am getting older br the second 😊


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