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Salted Xanax

My body is hurting today and I’m frustrated. I’ve been aimlessly wandering around the house, knowingly that if I start the project I intended to do today, I will likely and regretfully pay for it Monday morning and that isn’t acceptable.

So I’m relaxing.

I have the munchies and grabbed a handful of salted peanuts, raisins and two pieces of swiss cheese. Despite the cheese, I’m suddenly in a rewind of life, back to the days when the elementary school required state testing.

I remember on those hot days, the teacher would pull back my pigtails, clip them together and I would anxiously wait for the long strip of paper and instructions on how to correctly fill in the tiny bubbles with my sharpened, number two pencil.

Each student would be given a small handful of salted peanuts and raisins in a tiny, paper medicine cup. Do that now and the school is likely to get sued.

Supposedly the mixture would assist the brain in maintaining some form of leveled “smart” balance to get us through the test. Not me, those tiny nuts and shriveled raisins were nothing more than an afternoon snack I looked forward to.

I never did well on those tests, I had horrible test anxiety. If the teacher would have provided a cocktail of nuts, raisins and maybe a salted Xanax or two, I might have passed.

I would meticulously linger in popping the little snack in my mouth, chewing slowly to ensure I would not run out of those tasty treats before I finished that gnarly, useless government provided exam questions.

But now? I sit here popping organic raisins, salted peanuts and swiss cheese, savoring each as to not over indulge in fear of gaining weight.

What a pay off into adulthood.

Image by Robin Moreau

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