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Bragging Rights

I am quite the humble person. I don’t boast, brag or compete. But if I am truly excited about something I have acquired in my life and I share it with others, it is not with the intent to show off. It is simply sharing an excitement if what makes me happy. Some may call it bragging, but I do not.

Image by Robin Moreau

My babies are in full bloom. Yes, I am bragging today. It’s not just my Rhodies. My other babies are blooming too!

Image by Robin Moreau

I simply cannot get enough of them. Even my clover I am fascinated by how quickly it has taken root.

Image by Robin Moreau

We bought a plant that what we thought, was suppose to be just a bush. It has decided to start creeping everywhere. It has decided to wrap itself around our sun.

Image by Robin Moreau

My Friday morning bragging rights. Have a wonderful day! And surround yourself in beauty to start your weekend right! ❤

7 Replies to “Bragging Rights”

  1. I think of it as sharing something wonderful and exciting, not bragging.

    It makes me very happy to see those lovely plants and I find the creeping one fascinating!!!!! How do plants know how to DO that???? To reach out and creep its way around the edge of the sun. Very cool! I wonder if he’ll continue around the sun or move in another direction.

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