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Think, Be, Provide

You all know I have food allergies. Because of this, about 5 years ago, my life changed dramatically. I couldn’t eat what I wanted to eat. I had to stay clear of many wonderful things, eggs, grains, dairy and preservatives, etc. My allergies mimicked that of someone with Celiac Disease, yet that is not what I have.

I had a tantrum in the parking lot the day I received my test results from my Allergist. My gosh I cried the whole way home and when making the switch, I lost 30 pounds.

Now I’m over my tantrum and have realized how healthier I feel. But breakfast is very hard for me. I am a BIG breakfast eater and when eggs, whole grains, and dairy is omitted, it leaves me with protein, fruits and vegetables.

However, out of all the grains, I can have rice, corn and quinoa. Yawn. Try finding those breads without egg or egg product in them. Nearly impossible.

I did find rice waffles, no eggs. So this morning I have a rice waffle, with fresh ground peanut butter, sliced banana and drizzled with honey….with a side of roasted broccoli. I can see your faces cringe. But for me, it’s essential.

Image by Robin Moreau

For my husband, not so much. He’s like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Put a vegetable in front of him and he pushes it away with the sound “mmuuaaahh”. Just like a kid.

But I still feed him healthy. I want him to be healthy but I do buy him the occasional unhealthy snack. And of course he will go buy things himself. But I do love that man and want him to be around for awhile.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast. It makes all the difference it how your body will feel the rest of the day. Provide the option of healthy foods for your family. Whether they want it or not.

Have a wonderful day!❤

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