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Captain Crunches, Costco Punches

I am so thankful for another beautiful day! Despite being drained, my contact lenses not behaving and feeling anxious about everything, I can clearly say, I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people that surround me in my work place.

I made the grueling trip to Costco after work and sheesh I had to seriously talk myself calm. At least I didn’t need to go to the produce refrigerator section because the produce guy and I? Oh we do NOT get along AT ALL. It is only because I dig through all the produce for the freshest. Squeezing and analyzing every detail of every surface of each fruit and vegetable until I find perfection. He, does not like that. One time he told me not to dig. And do you know what I said to him?!? I said, well if you were doing your job correctly and not leaving moldy fruit for the customers I wouldn’t have to dig, now would I?

Oh yes I did.

When I arrived home, I fixed gluten free pizza and had a glass of wine for dinner and the heartburn is raging through my chest like a fire breathing dragon taking Captain over Niagra Falls. Boy am I paying for it.

I am sipping on hot tea to help me relax and I accidentally sip up the tea bag. One would of thought the world was ending.

Earlier today, at the office we took a break and all walked the block in the beautiful weather. What a joyous time! Completely refreshing.

When I closed up the office and was heading out, I stepped on a bug that made a loud crunch under my shoe. I instantaneously gagged. Oh but it gets better! The crunch continued about 3 more steps and I continued to wrech. How many crunches is it going to take? I’m wreching just writing about it. Grosses me out.

Well that pretty much sums up my day. A little all over the place, I know.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, we are half way through! Have a wonderful evening! ❤

4 Replies to “Captain Crunches, Costco Punches”

  1. I love this and I love your voice! I’m not even sorry your desire to get the best food you can is an inconvenience to someone whose job it is to provide just that! Love that you piped up.

    I have so many of these moments Love finding this here!

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