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Bound by Beauty

I came across a picture this morning I had taken years ago at the library while I was waiting for a client. Brilliant red red tulips. I remember at the time how I had to stop everything to capture the beauty of these flowers.

Image by Robin Moreau

As I looked at this image, I had asked myself, my gosh, I love flowers and I love my home to be filled with fresh flowers. So why did I stop?

Good question, but I don’t know. I don’t know why I stopped. Flowers make me happy. The beach makes me happy. Drawing in charcoal makes me happy. I am bound by excuses without reasoning.

Not acceptable.

Live your moments through what brings you joy. If buying fresh flowers highlights my day, then dang it, I should buy fresh flowers! If the beach makes me happy then I should walk it more often. If I am mesmerized by the charcoal I smear across paper, then I need to find a place where I can get back into my artwork and not make a dusty mess all over the house and hear about it later. I should!

Not I should…I will.

I will.

Bring yourself joy and live in it.

Live in your joy!

Have a fantabulous Friday! 💋

2 Replies to “Bound by Beauty”

  1. I wonder whose joy is more expensive. Your fresh flowers or my Sees chocolates. ROFL

    But no, yah. Those red tulips are amazing and I love fresh flowers in the house, too and I get what you’re saying about how we should spend more of our life in joyful moments. So easy for me to just live in my work and chores and errands. I guess I do spend time in my joy though…reading books and binge-watching series bring me joy. But I definitely need to kick my butt out of the house and into some nature.

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