Robin Likes to Talk

“A Little Bit More Than the Law Will Allow”

It’s Friday evening and I’m sitting here on the couch with a glass of wine that I swear I would not drink anymore.


What a rotten day. Well, not necessarily rotten, just a day when I had a productive idea of what I wanted to complete and when I arrived, all hell broke loose. And that was 2 1/2 hours before the office even opened.

Friday’s are the days when I can work on things I normally can’t get to during the week. One of those is organizing my office. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t work for me.

But not today.

Today really tested my skills, my patience, and my brain, yet my brain was in the “I’m so tired and it’s Friday I can’t wait to go home” mode, I literally could not function.

It seemed as though none of the staff could function this week. The weather? Maybe. Too much going on? More likely.

I hate those moments. I’m so much better than this and it is what I went to college for, to handle these kind of situations with grace, tact and professionalism. I thrive on this.

I told the office manager not to disturb me and that I didn’t want to be disturbed by others and then I locked myself in the office.

She is good at creating diversions. That’s what I like about her. She supports me in many different ways, but her ability to detour those individuals who try to “b-line” it straight to my office to get their “2 cents” in is her speciality and I can’t thank her enough.

I stared at my computer. So much to do. The phone started ringing. I could hear her say, “she asked not to be disturbed”. The disappointment was so thick on the other side of the line I could almost taste it.

Once things settled down, I realized I only had about an hour left in the day. Wow. I could have stayed longer to accomplish my original plan, but my head was throbbing. And who wants to deal with head throbbing at the end of the day on a Friday?

Surprisingly, I didn’t have road rage on the way home. I listened to my heavier rock though, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed…it eases the tension so much I could have run off the road. Off the cliff and into the ocean below.

Totally a Dukes of Hazard and Boss Hog moment.

Aaaaand I totally just aged myself.

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