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What’s in a Birthday

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday. She 23. She is my baby, she is highly talented, snarky, intelligent, and strong-willed and I must say, I wouldn’t have her any other way. We have raised her to be an independent, strong woman. And she loves chocolate.

Her Cake – Image by Robin Moreau

Today is my son’s birthday. He is 25. And he reminds me, it’s a huge celebration because it’s 420….the celebration of smoking marijuana. I just roll my eyes. He is funny, a master-minded overthinker, and walks that 6 foot 4 inch bean pole frame of his like he has only seconds to get where he needs to be and I wouldn’t change a thing. He loves anything that contains sugar. Red Velvet, his favorite.

His Cake – Image by Robin Moreau

420. Right. I’d rather have a martini.

Why do we celebrate, what we call, “birthdays”? Shouldn’t it be, rather an anniversary of one’s birth?

I am reminded every birthday how I am not getting any younger. And I am reminded every birthday that I cannot eat cake.

But birthdays are a celebration of life. One more year on this earth.

One more year.

So in celebration of all the “4 -20” birthdays out there, happy anniversary of your birth.

So inhale your 420 smoke and eat your cake too.

❤ You deserve it. ❤

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