Monday has rolled around again. I will be mourning the death of my motivation today. I enjoyed this past weekend a little too much and this morning I could just cry with having to get back into my weekly routine.

Retirement is too far away to be true…if it ever happens.

I enjoyed my weekend of being outside, doing yard work and chatting with my neighbor. The sun was shining, it was warm and I was outside from dawn to dusk. My body aches from being stooped over pulling weeds and clipping branches, but that’s okay.

I am envious of those who are retired even though I am not nearly of age. Not that I want to rush my life, but I have worked and studied hard for years and I am not any further in my life but a title.

And I will carry on, be thankful, be grateful.

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Robin Likes to Talk

Robin is an Administrator with experience in account management, marketing and job coaching. Her background is executive management, marketing and healthcare. Fueled by her passion for understanding the nuances in motivating her teams to work effectively and efficiently, she inspires through a creative mindset and humor while allowing individuals to express themselves through their talents. Robin's knowledge and determination to rationalize and apply systems, assists others in generating effective time management and workflow. She believes the key to success is through mindfulness, positive support and collaboration.

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