Root Popper

Welcome Sunday! It is the time of year when I start craving to be ooutside and work in my yard. Oh yes, I don’t mind pulling weeds. There is a weird satisfaction of hearing their little roots “pop” when I pull them out.

Despite that it is suppose to rain this week, the sun has been out for a few days and I have been a happy woman!

Image by Robin Moreau

My focus this year is yet once again for, I think the third or fourth time, I am pulling up our slate patio and re-working it. My husband calls me crazy because the slate, well….they are at least 60 pounds a piece but I can’t help it. I have yet to reach the look I am after and since I have not cemented them into place, I can continue to get an upper body work out until I am satisfied.

Yesterday I told my husband I wanted to pull the gravel out from the fence and put in a border. This way the slate will stay more compact with the rain. And the gravel was way too warm for my plants causing their poor little leaves to burn. I cannot have that, those plants are my babies.

I love landscaping, especially the big stuff. I guess I should have become an excavator landscape person. I love pouring concrete, digging, laying slate….oh I know I’m crazy. At least that is what my husband says. Not only there is this great satisfaction of seeing the end results, but for me despite the body aches and pains, it is my way of meditating. It calms my mind and settles my soul.

So this year, I am re-working the patio and building a frog pond. And I cannot wait to accomplish this! Until then, I am battling the roots of weeds, one by one, popping to my hearts content until our gravel pathways are clear again.


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Robin is an Administrator with experience in account management, marketing and job coaching. Her background is executive management, marketing and healthcare. Fueled by her passion for understanding the nuances in motivating her teams to work effectively and efficiently, she inspires through a creative mindset and humor while allowing individuals to express themselves through their talents. Robin's knowledge and determination to rationalize and apply systems, assists others in generating effective time management and workflow. She believes the key to success is through mindfulness, positive support and collaboration.

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