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Goodbye Social Media

I deleted my Facebook account this morning. Not deactivated it, but permanently deleted it. And you know, it felt great!

Sure I will miss seeing my best friend’s post, or my family who lives so darn far away, but honestly after I deleted it, there was a sense of relief.

There comes a time in life when the decision is made to define what is important and to find quality.

I found that Facebook was neither of these things. It was a constant scrolling of news media, politics, negativity and faux lives/profiles. Gross.

Fulfilling my life with adventures, friends and family comes via reality, not images to what we want others to believe. Now, don’t get me wrong, a good majority of those use Facebook, are sharing their true vacations, parties, and weekend getaways. However, rather than consuming ourselves in others’ lives or posting for the mere purpose of getting the juiciest gossip or the most “likes”, we should be focusing on ourselves and taking advantage of our own lives.

BUT! This is simply my opinion. I know people who love Facebook and can’t get enough of it. Good for them. I personally, have found over the years of having it, it is not for me anymore.

And my true friends? We text, we keep in touch regularly. So we are not missing out.

Be humble, love life, live life.

Image by Robin Moreau

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