Oh Canada

I love Canada. It’s where my dad was from and when my husband and I travel there, I feel I’m in a magical world. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s because I know it was my father’s home place, or maybe it’s because I know he wanted desperately to get back there before he died but was never able to.

Image by Robin Moreau

There is so much beauty. Beauty I find in the smallest of things; the architecture…I get weak in the knees for architecture. My dad was a contractor and I think he bestowed in me the true beauty of it, the wood, bricks and stone, and the final outcome.

Image by Robin Moreau

I find beauty in the decor, design and color.

A year or so ago, my family traveled to Victoria and Bear Mountain. I never wanted to leave. Between the beauty of Butchard Gardens, the resort and the city, I was in Heaven. Even the rain didn’t let me down, despite the outcome of my hair. The beauty was far too grand.

Image by Robin Moreau

I believe I have permanently absorbed it into my brain, preserving it until my return.

Image by Robin Moreau

Someday. We will return. And for the love of my father, knowing he would have loved to have had the moment to experience once more the place he loved and had such fond memories.

Image by Robin Moreau

He lives through me, I am his spiritual tour guide, bringing joy to my heart. It may sound silly to you, but to me, it is another memory, a way of never letting go.

Image by Robin Moreau
Image by Robin Moreau

The picture below is one of my favorite pictures of my father. I don’t know how old I was when this picture was taken, I may not even had been born yet. Either way, it’s my favorite and it is one of many pictures I have, framed in my office.

Image by Robin Moreau

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