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Bengal Island

This “winter storm” is going to be the death of me. If I could buy a tropical island I would.

There is only so much work I can do from home. I’ve been checking my emails throughout the day, I’ve working on updating personnel forms and so on.

Oh but this weather! I’ve seriously been diagnosed with a severe case of cabin fever. I’ve been robotically checking my work email every few minutes and there are no new emails. I walked out front to do a “weather” check and the clouds were heavy but no snow yet. So I decided to see how well the snow would stick so I could build a snowman. It was pretty wet unlike yesterday where it was like baby powder and it wouldn’t form.

On with my rain boots, coat, earmuffs and gloves. I wasn’t sure what I was going to build but it would be something!

After about a half hour, I molded a lounging Bengal tiger that looked more like a rat than anything. Some stones for his eyes, branches for whiskers and black spray paint for wanna-be stripes. Ugh, I am so unbelievably bored and I really need to be at work!!!

Image by Robin Moreau

The neighbors probably think I’m crazy, but I don’t care. If I can’t get back to work soon, I will go crazy!

Image by Robin Moreau

Well, it started to snow again and I couldn’t feel my toes. I went back inside to check my email yet AGAIN. I fixed a mug of hot tea.

As the snow was heavily coming down, I’d considered building a zombie snow man. That might be kind of exciting!

After the snow had been coming down for a bit, I checked on my Bengal. He looks a bit “fuzzy”, a bit worn, a bit loved….

Image by Robin Moreau

Sigh. I’m a summer woman. I want warmth, waves and a colorful pedicure! This too shall pass. I sip my tea and watch cartoons. King of the Hill. And I wait for the next email.

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