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Little Bit of D

I don’t know about you, but I’m in dire need of summer to be here. I’m pretty positive my Vitamin D levels are low as I am sluggish and feel like a sloth on Valium. I need energy, I need the sun!

Every year, I say the same thing; I won’t allow the winter to bring me down. I will exercise despite the cold to keep my energy levels up. But my gosh, every year I dread the cold. I despise the cold. It doesn’t matter how many boots, scarves, jackets or sweatshirts I purchase, I cannot get myself outside.

Image by Robin Moreau

So here I sit, Friday morning, happy Friday by the way, in bed with the fireplace glowing. It’s toasty warm in our room and honestly I could stay here all day.

How does one fight the winter blues? It’s not seasonal depression disorder, it’s the pure dislike of cold weather without the sun.

This weekend I will hit the pharmacy for Vitamin D and in a couple of weeks I should be out of this funk. A few handfuls should take care it. I’ve been here before and this too shall pass. One year it was so bad, my doctor prescribed me 50,000 IUs of Vitamin D, my levels were so low. I even went to the tanning booth to get the warmth and rays of toxic energy. 3 days later I felt like a new person, tan and all. By far I don’t recommend the tanning booth, as swapping happiness for potential skin cancer is not wise. But when it’s bad, this works for me. Out of the past 10 years, I’ve had to do this twice.

I’ve been told there is a lamp for this which supposedly helps for the winter blues. I can’t see purchasing, staring at, then storing a lamp year round for just a few weeks of potential energy. I will take my chances and when the sun is out, I will bask in it’s glow despite the cold. I will fulfil my love for tiny, gel like pills of the big D. Then as the sun decides to stay, it will be difficult to coax myself indoors.

Happy Friday!

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