Resolution, New Year or Not

Since I am bound to my couch, I have made a resolution list for the new year. I’m still not over this wretched flu. More annoyed than ever, I still managed to push forward despite my body insisting I go to bed. The other day I worked and was surprised I lasted as long as I had. Yesterday, I was not so lucky, as I felt far worse.

Hoping to had gotten through the day, I didn’t last but more than 2 hours. Having a coughing fit in my meeting, (I was wearing a mask by the way so I wouldn’t share the love)….I apologized and rescheduled. I drove home feeling unaccomplished and seriously annoyed. I don’t do sick. I hate missing work and I love my job. What the heck. So my plans for this weekend are to lay like broccoli on the couch and whine for attention and much needed sleep. What a waste of a workday and weekend!

I hadn’t been this sick in years and I’m sure I’ve already said this and I’m saying it again. So while sitting here, sulking in my fuzzy, black Ralph Lauren robe with my fuzzy two black dogs and my not so fuzzy everlasting cough, and have no choice BUT TO SIT HERE AND THINK…I’ve decided the new year will bring new changes, new resolutions and I will embrace positivity no matter how many bricks are thrown at me….I will build a foundation from those bricks! It will be the year in which I will adopt new challenges and make meaningful time with family. But for this moment, I shall sulk. And cough.

Here is a few of my noteworthy resolutions for 2019.

1. Finish my book. Yes, I have written a children’s book, two actually and three more in the works. I am currently working on the illustrations to go with the first one. My goal is to have at least one published. It is my biggest challenge yet and I may not succeed, but at least I have put the effort into it and doing what I love.

2. Design. There is so much more I want to do with our home, especially outside. One plan is to add a frog pond. This is my biggest project yet. I love frogs, we have plenty of the little critters around our home and they keep the insects at a minimum. The other is to build a green house for a vegetable garden. This is the perfect spring project for me (us, ha-ha) when the weather is warmer. For now, my project is sleeping until I feel normal again.

3. Cleanse more. I will continue to simplify and organize. I plan to go through holiday decor, files and so much more to refresh what I have and decide what needs to go. We have at least two totes in the garage of random crap. One of those totes is full…FULL of at least 100 cable cords that the person whom I reside with swears we will need them someday. We’ve had those cable cords for over 15 years, I’m sure longer, and not once has the tote been referred to when a cable cord is called upon. Not once. Ever. EVER. I love the feeling of getting organized. It is the best high ever! This flu? Not a good high.

3 b. Cleanse the closet. Oh the dreaded closet. This by far is a work in progress…so much space. It is slowly getting there however, but not enough for me to leave it alone. I can never just leave it be. I’ve recently added 8 more shelves, a chair, and an additional pole to hang my boots. Can you believe they make boot hangers? They keep the boots from flopping over on the floor, especially over the knee boots. I have a few storage baskets, and for the most part it is organized, but reality is, it could be WAY better. But it is still kind of a catch all….pictures not hung, empty frames, art supplies, books and so on. All this must go! I can’t seem to just let it be.

4. Detox. With pure foods. I really need to drink more water, and eat more greens. I need to shop the local farmer’s market more often. I will be exercising more too. I need to lose a few more pounds, like 10. Okay maybe 20. How much more greens could I possibly eat? Oh I could eat more. I know some of you who know me are rolling your eyes and asking, “really, Robin?” Yes, really. My husband won’t be happy with this resolution…

5. Choose wisely. I’m talking entertainment here and not Netflix or Hulu. I plan to see more plays, more art shows, hikes and travel to more places. We always opt to stay home, work around the house, shop online, just to avoid the world; it’s a bad habit of ours because we are home bodies. We are the neighbors who are always on the back porch, sun bathing, drinks in hand, food on the grill until the evening then the fire pit is blazing. We love it, but it can get unnecessary and ridiculous at times because we never leave the house! You can take us out of Cali, but you can’t take Cali out of us.

6. Disable social media. I will keep this blog, which crosses to my Facebook page, but other than this, the social media has got to go. For me it’s a lazy time waster and I need to focus more on adventure and doing what I love.

7. Bucket List. Okay, this year I will cross off one or two items off my bucket list. I just haven’t made up my mind of which….paddle board surfing, learning to play bass guitar, swimming with the stingrays or ???

8. Give more. This is a must for this year! This new year I have set up a giving account. One strictly for food, necessities and supplies for those in need. Especially around the holidays, when I haven’t planned for such, I find myself passing up the opportunity to give to others.

Well, the list does go on, especially since I am bound to the couch until I have recovered…but I think I will stop at number eight. This is a good start for the new year. The challenge is accomplishing it. Some easier than others. Bring it on!!!


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Robin Likes to Talk

Robin is an Administrator with experience in account management, marketing and job coaching. Her background is executive management, marketing and healthcare. Fueled by her passion for understanding the nuances in motivating her teams to work effectively and efficiently, she inspires through a creative mindset and humor while allowing individuals to express themselves through their talents. Robin's knowledge and determination to rationalize and apply systems, assists others in generating effective time management and workflow. She believes the key to success is through mindfulness, positive support and collaboration.

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