Robin Likes to Talk

No Swerving Allowed

Wow, what a crazy drive this morning on the highway. The winds were unbelievable. As I was driving I could see the white caps causing large waves to crash on shore. It’s usually calm along shore.

The trees were heavily boughing over the highway. The rain was falling hard. I was pelted several times this morning by pinecones and tree branches. What was once a smooth morning commute, is now a bumpy, rough death trap for a ride as branches and debris covered the highway. Kuthump, kuthump, kuthump. I don’t like the feeling. It felt like I was running over small animals.

The car was hard to control with the wind. I turned onto the next highway. The highway, tightly winding like a large snake around it’s victim. No swerving allowed here. One wrong swerve I could hit a wall of trees or wall of rock; the other way, I go over the cliff.

By now I have a death grip on the steering wheel and I can feel the tension in the back of my neck. The car in front of me swerved to the right and I followed suit, hoping not to run off the road, a large branch covered part of the lane. Another mile up and the car swerved into the opposite lane. With no choice, I swerved into the other lane, barely missing a tree trunk, it’s branches I ran over in the other lane. Kuthump, kuthump.

This is probably the second scariest commute I’ve driven. The scariest was a couple of years ago it had snowed. I was leaving for work but suddenly I became viciously nauseous for no reason. Thinking I was going to vomit, I ran back into the house. About ten minutes had past and the feeling subsided. Weird, I thought.

As I merged onto the highway, I noticed the snow had been cleared by the plow. About 10 miles into my drive, the highway became icy. I dropped my speed but it was too late. I lost control and spun across the highway into the center divide, facing oncoming traffic. Funny thing, at that very moment, there were no cars to be seen. After a few minutes, here come a string of cars. Was it a sign? Was my sudden feeling ill, and those 10 minutes of extra time before I left the house the reason why there were no cars around me when I spun out of control? Guardian angels?

A young man in a large Dodge truck like mine, pulled over and stopped all the traffic on the highway so I could get turned around and back on again. After that I said screw it and drove back home. Very slowly.

When I arrived to work this morning I was tense. Thank God I made it okay without breaking a windshield or a tree falling onto my car. A fear I have commuting on this highway.

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