Mummy and Me

From the beautiful drive of Highway 101, into the depths of San Jose, California is a gem of museum that will take you back into the history of ancient Egypt. I told my kids at the time, to pack their bags we were going on a trip. No time to spare, and a moment’s notice, I made hotel reservations with the Courtyard Marriott  hotel, just blocks from our San Jose destination.

Just the kids and I, we set out on a road trip to The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. I love ancient Egypt and I thought the kids might like looking at dead, wrapped up people. Yes, I know, I am sick and twisted. My kids turned out just fine. Just as sick and twisted as I am.

Our room at the Courtyard was hidden within gardens. A little too hidden for me. The hair on the back of my neck stood and something didn’t feel right. I am sure there was nothing wrong with the room given to us, but I listened to my gut and I told the kids we needed a different room. They whined. Of course they whined, they wanted to go swimming. The hotel staff was pleasant and quick to accommodate my needs and we were moved to a different location.

Swim time!

Image by Robin Moreau

The next morning, the kids were excited to visit the museum. A little too excited, and we arrived about 10 minutes early and had to wait until the museum opened. I seriously have impatient kids. So annoying.

The massive entrance sets a presence of beauty and mystery. Surrounded by lush gardens of green, with floral arrays wrapping around sleek statues.

Image by Robin Moreau


Image by Robin Moreau
Image by Robin Moreau
Image by Robin Moreau

As you can see in the above picture, my son was annoyed he had to wait 10 minutes. So impatient…he still is by the way, and he is 24 now. I have to admit, I was excited myself. The outside of the museum was overwhelming in size and beauty and I must say, was anxious to see what held inside.

No flash photography. Bummer! Actually, the flash of cameras can damage the artifacts. The lights inside were dim, but bright enough to capture a few decent pictures.

Image by Robin Moreau

I was instantly in love. Taken into a completely different time, a different world, I was amazed. From the jewelry, mummified cats, and coffins, my mind could not wrap my head around the delicate and intricate detail of it all. This was, by far one of the best museums I have visited.

After we made our way through the museum, then there was the gift shop. I had to bring something home. I brought many things home, a pharaoh statue, a scarab beetle and a few more things…I couldn’t help myself!

I didn’t want the time to end, but it was a quick weekend trip. We packed the car up and headed home. We decided to take a different route, a scenic route. Total lie, I took a wrong turn and got lost. The kids started to panic, we were in a strange area out in the middle of nowhere. After an hour or so, we finally found our way to the main highway for the long drive home. Who doesn’t love adventure?

If you love museums, I recommend the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, CA. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. It is truly a gem.

Image by Robin Moreau




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  1. Loved the story of your trip. I will have to look up that museum. And to believe it is that close. Keep writing enjoy all your stories. Love you all. The kids are getting so grown up enjoy them while you can at my age time flys fast.💋😘

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