Robin Likes to Talk

What’s up Scuttlebutt?

I was thinking back on all the strange words my family would call each other, or other people. I don’t know why I was thinking this, but decided to randomly look these words up to see if they even existed. Here is a few I found:

1. Scuttlebutt; this is actually an open cask of drinking water.

2. Whosis; is a name or object not known. We heard this alot growing up

3. Lollygagger; I was surprised, it’s in the dictionary but without meaning. I have always used lollygagger as the uvula that hangs down in my throat…my definition.

4. Steppinfetchit; this was my Granny’s word. She called our friends this. This is not in the dictionary.

5. Dingleberry; a clot of dung. A true meaning. Still makes me laugh and we still say it.

There are so many more, including those made up. I guess we all have a bit of kid in us as adults. Nothing wrong there. It keeps us young at heart.

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