Robin Likes to Talk

Rules of Happiness

What is happiness? To each is own. Happiness has a definition of its own to different people. Here are my rules of happiness per say…not including time spent with family:

1. Oversized sweaters

2. Having a personal stalker

Image by Robin Moreau

3. Having a guard dog

Image by Robin Moreau

4. Finding humor in odd things

Angry Cone! – Image by Robin Moreau

5. Making humor for my family to find

Troubled Eggs – Image by Robin Moreau

6. Gift giving

7. Good chocolate

Image by Robin Moreau

8. Painting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wall or canvas. It doesn’t matter the media either

9. Christmas lights

10. Driving a sports car on a winding highway

These are my top ten. There are many, many more. I may even post my top annoyances. But some other time….

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