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I’ve Lost My Balls!

I made the genius decision awhile back to purchase wool dryer balls. Rumors had it these wooly little creatures cut down on drying time and are healthier than fabric softener. All of the above, true. So I really need to tell you about my balls.

I made my way to Amazon to purchase these balls and at least give them a try. The balls, made by <a target="_blank" rel="noopener" href="http:////“>Smart Sheep are inexpensive, about $20 for a pack of eight.

I love these balls! I bought some organic essential oils to drip on them and my clothes smell heavenly. They don’t leave a weird chemical residue in my dryer (because they are sheep wool) and clothes dry WAY faster. I swear they last forever too!

1 of 5 Balls. Image by Robin Moreau

However, one little thing. They easily get lost in a load of clothes and I find myself searching through t-shirts, jeans and pajamas trying to find these furry balls. My kids laugh at me because I admit, occasionally after they remove their clothes from the dryer, balls are missing. So I’m forever repeating, “Check your laundry pile I’m missing two balls” or “I’ve lost three balls!!!” and they laugh and laugh. Yeah, yeah we know its funny….now look for my balls! They get stuck in the sleeves, pants and whatever else.

I spend less time drying laundry, but more time on ball searching. But what the heck, the family gets a good laugh out of it.

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