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Happy Fri-YAY

Happy Fri-YAY as my sister would say. I really could use Friday today. My mind is overloaded and my neck aches. 1:30 am I could not shut my mind off. Ridiculous. RIDICULOUS I SAY! What is up with that? I tense-napped all night. Tossed and turned….all…night…long. Sigh. And here I am. I think I need a new pillow.

Enough of complaining!!! Because I am grateful, for many, many things! 10 things I grateful for today… not in any particular order:

1. This wonderful cup of hot coffee which I am drinking out of my favorite skull mug.

2. My family.

3. Work. And the wonderful people in it.

4. Jesus. He loves me. This I know.

5. My non-judgemental dogs who love me unconditionally.

6. Warm fuzzy slippers.

7. This blog. All of the people who write blogs. It has been a blessing to write, read and share. It keeps me grounded.

8. Our fireplace. Warmth and light, so very inviting.

9. A hot shower to invigorate my day.

10. Patience. Because sometimes things can be too much and deep breaths are needed.

One thing I am NOT thankful for is this neckache! 😊

Have a wonderful day, a wonderful Fri-YAY! I love my sister.

Image by Robin Moreau

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