Turtle Bay

In the warmth of Northern California, within the town of Redding, holds a park called Turtle Bay Exploration Park. Filled with gardens, animals and a sundial bridge, this small town gem packs a must see for every exploring enthusiast.

Image by Robin Moreau

The Butterfly Gardens is just one of the many gardens to explore at Turtle Bay. Filled with a variety of species, butterflies gracefully flutter about, showing off their colors. Occasionally you may find yourself a visitor on the sleeve of your shirt.

Image by Robin Moreau

The Sundial Bridge, massive in size, is truly a working sundial. When the shadow is present, there is no watch needed here! The bridge opened in 2004 and crosses the Sacramento River. Structured from steel and glass, the bridge is architecturally far too beautiful for words.

After your breathtaking view of the Sundial Bridge, don’t forget to visit the park’s Museum. Filled with a river aquarium, exhibition hall, cave and much more, the museum is a must see! A large oak tree centers the museum with the ability to peer underground and see its roots wind down and dwell into the darkness.

If you have never been to Northern California and you are planning a visit, I suggest stopping by the Turtle Bay Exploration Park.  Click this link to plan your visit, get information, hours and more.

Safe travels!


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