Sol Duc Falls

My husband and I are infrequent at-a-moment’s-notice travelers. We are not the couple that hitch up a trailer every weekend or spend weeks out of town, nor do we hop on a plane and fly 8,000 miles to the other side of the earth. We are the couple that decide at any given moment if there is somewhere we want to experience, we get in the car and go. It doesn’t matter if it is a one day trip or a three day trip.

Sol Duc Falls is a hidden gem located in Olympic National Forest of the Pacific Northwest. It is the perfect day trip, if you are looking to get out of your hotel room, or if you live close enough to make the drive. Among the serene forest, filled with moss and mushrooms lay a bed of dirt and roots that lead to amazing, powerful falls. The hike itself is pretty easy, not one which will leave an amateur hiker short-winded, however the terrain of the trail is not a smooth one, requiring an amateur hiker to occasionally stop to rest. The length of the hike is just short of a mile long to the falls.

The hike itself, leading to the falls, despite it’s short distance is well worth the trip. I highly recommend taking in every little thing possible.

Image by Robin Moreau

The forest is not a crazy dense forest, as you can see, the sun peaks through enough to provide light, but not enough to absorb the moisture in the air that causes my hair to curl.

What I noticed during the hike, the trail bed almost felt and sounded hollow. With every step, it was like walking on a sponge; there was a little give to it, per say. I’m certainly not an expert, but my guess would be the roots of all the trees tangled below the surface.

Image by Robin Moreau

As you near the falls, you can hear the powerful pounding of the water. I could hardly stand the anticipation of my arrival once I heard the falls. And the closer we were, the moisture in the air increased, causing my hair to certainly disqualify me in a beauty contest.

There is a small bridge covering the falls and as I looked over the rails, words fail me. It is strikingly fascinating, too beautiful for words. And loud. To think there is something in nature as powerful as these falls, yet they are no match to those superseding it such as the Niagra Falls; which I have yet to see, and is on my bucket list. Safe travels!

Image by Robin Moreau

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