Nope. Don’t Like This.

Early one morning I arrived at my mother’s place to pick her up for an appointment she had out of town. When I arrived, it was a little before 6 am, still dark outside and there it was.

A single red balloon tied ever so gracefully to the storm drain. Right in the middle of the road. Now, some may have gotten a thrill out of this, since at the time, the recently released Stephen King’s movie IT. But not me. Nope, I did not see the movie but I know all about this little red balloon and this gal was NOT going to fall for this, nor go near it for closer inspection. I barely had enough nerve to capture this picture.

Image by Robin Moreau

I had to turn my headlights on it just to take the picture and the chills I got down my spine were enough to give me goosebumps. It doesn’t matter that this was pranked based on the movie, or when I showed my mother the balloon she didn’t get the concept of it and I told her she really didn’t need to and told her the story and she rolled her eyes. All irrelevant. It is the creep factor that matters.

Later that same day, I had told my husband and showed him the picture. He didn’t like stuff like this either and said it was creepy. But we did get a good laugh because you would think the prankster would have put this balloon near a school, or at least in a neighborhood where the scare tactic radar would be much higher; not a senior retirement complex.


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Robin Likes to Talk

Robin is an Administrator with experience in account management, marketing and job coaching. Her background is executive management, marketing and healthcare. Fueled by her passion for understanding the nuances in motivating her teams to work effectively and efficiently, she inspires through a creative mindset and humor while allowing individuals to express themselves through their talents. Robin's knowledge and determination to rationalize and apply systems, assists others in generating effective time management and workflow. She believes the key to success is through mindfulness, positive support and collaboration.

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