Robin Likes to Talk

The Chair

The reality of Monday is setting in, as I impatiently wait for the coffee to finish brewing. This past weekend flew by and I really didn’t accomplish anything, except for a few art projects, and baked a gluten-free, vegan chocolate zucchini bread.

I’m looking forward to work today because I purchased a new chair. It had arrived on Friday, and I was so excited I told the UPS driver I could kiss him, but I wouldn’t because how awkward would that be?

It took me what felt like forever to get the chair out of the box and unwrapped from highly woven bubble wrap and tape. I had all the pieces spread out in the office. Wow, this thing is like the starship enterprise! I took a quick peek at the directions and started building this masterpiece.

How hard can it be to pop wheels on to the base? Talk about struggle! The wheels kept spinning and I kept losing grip. Good gravy what is the issue here. I grabbed the instructions which clearly state to pop the wheels in the holes of the base. It should not be this difficult. After 20 minutes of wrestling with the wheels, I finally had all 5 attached. I flip the base over and two fell out. DEVIL!!! By now I felt a power surge coming on and I hopped over the chair and to the window, flung it open to get some cool air.

A few more minutes of struggling, I finally had the wheels secure. 15 minutes later I had myself a completed upright, hope it doesn’t collapse when I sit in it, office chair. I was stoked! I spun that sucker around, sat down and made adjustments. I could sleep in in this thing; adjustable lumbar support and armrests, with a seat long enough to accommodate my lengthy, lanky legs without the end of the seat digging in bottom mid-thigh. With my old chair, people would walk by my office and see me half sitting in the seat with one leg stretched behind me like I was practicing a new yoga pose. It was uncooth and not very lady-like to sit like that but I had to stretch my legs and take the pressure off the back of my thighs.

Obviously it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Proper chair support is healthy. I believe ergonomically correct is the phrase experts might say. Today, upon my arrival, I will spend my day, my week, ergonomically satisfied.

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