Ruby Beach
Image by Robin Moreau

The fabulous forties! What more could a woman ask for? As a woman in my forties, I am bold, young at heart and inspire to live life at its fullest.

After graduating with a Masters degree in 2017, I was in this bazaar limbo with not knowing where my life was headed, nor what to do to keep myself occupied while asking, now what? I had a great job and I accomplished graduate school, but I was still not happy. I took half a year to contemplate my options both personally and professionally.

2017 came and went. In 2018 I decided to switch careers and following my passion of helping others. I was offered a supervisor position, but it came with strings attached. Despite my commute time being cut in half, so was my salary and I would be on call 24/7, seven days a week. After praying hard for help in making a decision to accept this job offer, I took the plunge.

Four months young into 2018 and being on call 24/7, my health deteriorated. I was stressed, overloaded, while needing a quick fix to help me relax and sleep at night. I developed pneumonia and while at home recuperating, I started looking for other jobs. What was wrong with me? I loved my job but the stress was not worth the low pay or my passion for the work.

In June, I was offered a position in executive management. Surprised at the offer and scared to accept, I had to pray and sleep on it. Not only would this position integrate every aspect of my Masters degree, the salary was substantial. I made the decision the next morning to accept the offer and wouldn’t start until the first of July. Then my father became gravely ill and was hospitalized.

Image by Robin Moreau

I hadn’t been in my new position for more than a month and my father passed away. It was like a blow to the head. The stress overwhelmed me and I had a monkey on my back, yet again. Once the celebration of life for my father had passed, I was in life-evaluation mode again, looking at how I could change things. I had the flu over the holidays and while lying in bed, it was deja vu all over again.

After the flu recovery, getting through the holidays, it was time to start the new 2019 year with a different perspective. The illnesses and death of my father, were eye openers. I am not getting any younger! I love my career and I am plowing into 2019 with a vengeance to discover new talents, passions, and embrace all positive aspects of what life has to offer.

The Poof. Image by Robin Moreau